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ACADIA Awards of Excellence


Inaugurated in 1998, the ACADIA Awards of Excellence represent recognition, by colleagues worldwide, of consistent contributions and impact on the field of architectural computing. Through 2005, awards were given in three categories: Teaching, Service, and Research. In 2006 an award was added in Emerging Digital Practice and the prior three were renamed as Teaching Excellence, Innovative Research, and Society. In 2007, an additional award for an innovative academic program was added to recognize an individual or collective efforts in the establishment of an innovative academic program that contributes to the education of students in the field of digital design. At most one award is presented each year in each category, to an individual or academic program that, in the eyes of the review committee, exhibits “evidence of exceptional and innovative achievement.”


ACADIA Award Categories


ACADIA Design Excellence Award (TBA)

The ACADIA Design Excellence Award is given by ACADIA’s Board of Directors to exceptional architects, designers, and researchers who have made significant, innovative, and impactful contributions to the fields of architecture and computational design.

ACADIA Society Award for Leadership (TBA)

This award recognizes extraordinary contributions and service to the ACADIA community.

ACADIA Teaching Award of Excellence (TBA)

This award recognizes innovative teaching in the field of digital design in architecture. Teaching approaches that can be adopted by other educators are recognized in particular.

ACADIA Innovative Research Award of Excellence (TBA)

This award recognizes innovative research that contributes to the field of digital design in architecture. The award distinguishes research with the potential to transform contemporary architecture.

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